The Brown Lip Combo To Die For


So, a little while ago I wrote a post about my current go-to lip combo which results in a beautiful pink, nude lip. With Winter well and truly on the way, I’m enjoying taking my nude lip just a little bit darker. That’s why this brown lip combo has been my go to and will probably remain my go-to throughout December.

For the lip liner, I’ve been loving the Max Factor Lip Pencil in Brown ‘n’ Nude. Now in my last post I explained my inability to sharpen a pencil without is snapping several million times. However, this Max Factor pencil sharpens like a dream. It’s really smooth, the actual liner doesn’t snap and there’s no fear of getting splinters in your lips when using the pencil. The texture of the pencil is ideal to get the perfect lip. While firm enough to get a clear line, it’s still creamy enough to be gentle and glide on easily.

For the lipstick, I’m loving the Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in Chestnut. It’s a great neutral toned brown shade with rose undertones that is gorgeous when paired up with the Max Factor Lip Liner. The lipstick is really rich and moisturising, all while packing in a lot of pigment. While Clarins isn’t the cheapest brand for lipsticks, I do​ feel this lipstick lives up to the price. There’s absolutely no scent, the lasting power is great and its enriched with mango oil, meaning by wearing this lipstick, your lips are actually being moisturised. A great added benefit during the colder months.

What are you loving on your lips right now?

Lots of Love

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