The Best Cozy Winter Drink

hot milk

It’s cold, it’s wet and sometimes a hot drink is all we need to get that cozy feeling on a winter’s evening. Hot chocolate, tea, and coffee are all great choices but for me, there’s nothing better than a hot milk to help you relax and unwind in the evening. I’ve been making this drink most nights this Autumn and I think it’s safe to say. I’m obsessed. It’s really easy and is much healthier than hot chocolate. So I thought I’d share the recipe and hopefully, you’ll love it just as much as I do!


Cup of milk
2 drops of Vanilla Extract
1 teaspoon of Stevia
Cinnamon to sprinkle on top

  • Taking a cup of milk (I use skimmed, but you can use whatever you want. Vanilla almond milk would be delicious for this recipe) heat in a pan for a couple of minutes but be careful to avoid is from boiling over. Alternatively heat it in the microwave for about two and a half minutes.
  • Add roughly two drops of vanilla and stir in a teaspoon of stevia. If you used vanilla almond milk instead you may only need one drop of vanilla extract.
  • Lastly, top the drink with as much cinnamon as you want. I like A LOT!

Have you guys got a go-to winter drink? Let me know and share the recipe down below!

Lots of Love

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