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Fight The Signs Of Ageing With These Tricks

For women, getting older is an issue. We all know that it is going to happen at some point, but we would also like to put it off for as long as possible. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of vanity, as long as it doesn’t take over your life. And, we are all vain, which is why the anti-ageing industry is such a profitable one. Some work and some don’t, so you have to be careful which ones you choose because they could do more harm than good in the long run.

To make life easier, the following methods are brilliant ways of fighting those pesky wrinkles and droopy skin.


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Keep Hydrated
Okay, it is not the miracle cream that you are looking for, but water is about the best defense against ageing that you are likely to find. Also, miracle creams do not exist! Water contains hydrogen and oxygen, both of which combine to keep your skin looking lively and fresh. The body needs water because the muscles and the vital organs use water to function. The effect is that the skin is much healthier and elastic thanks to the constant supply of H2O.

Avoid Long Sessions In The Sun
At the minute, relaxing in the sun might seem like a pipe dream! The winter is well and truly on the way, and the weather is not at its best at the minute. Still, staying out of the sun is always a good trick to keep in mind because the summer comes around fast. As you may already have worked out, the heat dries up the skin. In basic terms, the UV rays undo all the hard work from the water you have been drinking on a daily basis. The result is that the skin becomes leathery and tough.

Or, Use A High Factor Sun Cream
If you are going to lounge on the beach, make sure that you use sun cream. In fact, the best option is to use sun block. Some of us cannot get out of the sun in summer, and the heat is intense. Thankfully, sun block or sun cream strengthens the body against the heat of the sun. After a while, you will notice that your skin reacts much better in the sun. That is because it is training itself to get used to long periods in the sun.

Get Some Sleep!
For the life of me I cannot work out why people don’t want eight hours of sleep a night. Surely, the more sleep you get, the better? That is exactly right! The more time you spend under the sheets, the more time your body has to recuperate. Night time is the time when your body finally gets to shut down and take stock of the day. It is also the time when it can regenerate broken cells and tissues as it produces a human growth hormone. HGH helps skin remain thick and elastic, so it is less likely to break down and wrinkle. Not enough sleep and your body will produce excess cortisol, which attacks skin cells.


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Stay Calm
Stress also creates a lot of cortisone. Staying calm is not easy, especially when you are at breaking point! But, with a few breathing exercises, you can take the edge off life. Or, you can find a stress reliever, like exercise. A sport that involves punching someone in the face will work a treat!

Stop Smoking
Are you a smoker? How many do you smoke in a day? Up to twenty cigarettes a week can have a permanent effect on your skin. Everyone knows the well-documented effects that smoking has on health, but they are less wise to the effects it has on skin. Due to the chemicals in cigarettes, your body is flooded with harmful substances. The result is that the blood supply to your major organs, such as your skin, reduces quite dramatically. And, you guessed it, the lack of blood means your skin loses moisture and elasticity.

Try Anti-Ageing Products
There are a lot of products on the market that claim to fight wrinkle and baggy skin, but in reality just make the manufacturer a lot of money. Still, that is not to say that there are not good anti-ageing products on the market, too. Quite simply, anti-ageing products are mainly creams that take organic elements from nature and put them into a bottle. A substance such as aloe vera is clinically proven to fight the signs of ageing, so you need to look for natural elements that work the best. Or, you can look for impartial feedback and reviews from previous customers. Life Cell is a cream that fights everything from crow’s feet to puffiness and dry skin. The majority of Life Cell reviews are very positive, so it may well be worth a try. Before you make your final purchase, make sure you are as sure as humanly possible.

Eat Healthily
Talking of natural and organic substances, you don’t need to trek into the Amazon rainforest to find them. There are plenty of common fruits and vegetables that are full of vitamins and antioxidants. And, all of them are great at fighting the signs of ageing. The best tip I came across was to prepare your vegetables as fresh as possible. Basically, you want to steam vegetables to stop the cooking process from taking away vital nutrients. Spinach is one of the best examples of a vegetable that is full of important nutrients. So that’s the reason Popeye loved his spinach!


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Apply A Moisturizer Daily
The rigors of life have a massive effect on the skin. Something as benign as water from the faucet can strip skin of oils and moisture that protect against ageing. What makes it worse is that they are almost impossible to avoid as they are essential. Who can go through the day without drinking water? Luckily, there are moisturizers. A good moisturizer will replenish the skin with the oils and moisturizer it needs. Do it before you go to bed for the best results.

Do you have any tricks of the trade that you want to share? Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you do.

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