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My Guide To Traveling With Children

Gone are the days when holidays meant topping up your tan and drinking the all-inclusive bar dry. Once you’ve had kids, your life changes dramatically. No longer do you only have yourself to think about; now you’ve got a tiny version of yourself to take care for. You’re responsible for all aspects of their upbringing, and that includes taking them away with you.

For most of us, travel is ingrained in our culture. We spend the rest of the year working hard and accruing leave so that we can afford a week or two of sunshine. Whether you have kids or not, a break is still important to prevent yourself burning out. When the whole family is on retreat, though, their safety becomes your utmost priority. Here’s how to make sure your little ones stay safe and happy abroad.



When the time is right
Remember when the only thing booking your holiday hinged on was whether you could take the time off work? Not anymore. Now you’ve got other things to think about. Like school holidays. Did you know that you can be fined for taking your child on holiday during term time without the school’s permission? I’m sure nobody wants that, so make sure your holidays are planned well in advance. Even if it means every other parent is taking their child away at the same time.

Where should we go?
Your children are their own people with their own minds. As a parent, you should know them better than anyone, but you can’t change the way they think. Kids aren’t going to enjoy all the things you want to do, and likewise, you may not be super excited about their activities. But now, you have to accommodate them. Choose somewhere that has plenty of fun things for them to do, like theme parks and kids clubs. You also need to be aware of the weather of wherever you’re going. You don’t want your kids to be too hot or too cold, as that can ruin their (and, by proxy, your) holiday. You don’t even need to travel abroad to enjoy the holidays anymore, as England has plenty of family-friendly locations to offer. It’s worth bearing in mind that children may become agitated during long flights or journeys. And that’s without mentioning the possibility of jet lag!



Keeping them safe
There are a few general rules for keeping your kids safe on holiday, depending on where you go. First of all, it should go without saying that you should never leave your children to their own devices. We’ve all heard the horror stories – don’t let the next one come at your expense. No matter what, your kids should always be within your line of sight. This is especially true in an unfamiliar environment. Don’t forget to pack plenty of lotion, so they aren’t exposed to too much sun. If you’re traveling a little further afield, you’ll all need the appropriate vaccinations.

Remember, though, the most important thing is for you all to have fun!

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