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The Stress Relieving Benefits Of Colouring Books.


Colouring in images is an enjoyable pass time many of us probably remember from childhood. But I’m here to tell you it’s time again to gather up your coloured pencils and crayons and get back to creating a picture on paper. In recent years, adult colouring books have taken France by storm and is slowly beginning to takeover the world.

Studies have shown that colouring in is a simple activity that occupies both the mind and our hands, which provides a calming and de-stressing effect. Colouring in is a form of active meditation, which is simply the process of focusing your attention on a repetitive task. Focusing your attention on activity, takes you way from any negative thoughts and helps create a state of peace.


I recently received an adult colouring book as a gift, and I’m officially sold. I keep it by my bed and use it to unwind for the evening. I have to say my sleep has improved drastically since I’ve swapped stalking people on Instagram for a colouring book. Who’d have thought it!

Have any of you tried out an adult colouring book yet? What do you think?

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