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5 Honeymoon Destinations To Suit Your Personality.

Honeymoons have been around since 1546 and is a wonderful time to celebrate the start of your marriage with the one you love. It a time where you and your partner can stay somewhere beautiful and give each other your full attention without all the annoying distractions life at home throws your way. The difficult part for many couples is deciding where to go. In my opinion, it should be somewhere on your bucket list that has lots to offer for your personal interests. So here’s my top 5 honeymoon destinations to suit your personality.

For the beach lover: The Maldives 

the maldivesThe Maldives is everyone’s image of a tropical paradise. With it’s white sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons, there really is no better place to sit back and relax away all the stresses of planning a wedding. With a wide range of activities right at your fingertips, boredom will be kept at bay. From exploring the sea life via scuba diving and snorkeling, to getting your adrenaline rush from a wide variety of water sports, or exploring the islands by seaplane, you’re sure to stumble upon some amazing things in the Maldives.

For the explorers: Machu Picchu, Peru 

machu picchuIf you’re the kind of couple that can’t sit still for more than a few hours then Machu Picchu may be the honeymoon location for you! Machu Picchu was believed to have been build in the 15th Century as an estate for the Inca Emperer Pachacuti. However, it was only brought to international attention in 1911 and has since been named as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. While you can get the train from noon onwards, a sunrise trek is definitely worth the early morning to have Machu Picchu all to yourself.

For the winter honeymoon: Banff, Alberta

banffI had to include Banff somewhere in this list, as it’s hands down my favourite place in the world. Banff is a tiny town located in Banff National Park and surrounded by mountains. Cars aren’t needed as everything in this town is just a 10 minute walk away. Banff Avenue, which is the main street has a beautiful mix of boutiques and restaurants with chateau style hotels. In the day you can spend your time trying out skiing or snowboarding on one of their snow covered mountains and in the evening relaxing in your hotels outdoor hot tub. It’s honestly like a movie set!

For the city lover: Paris, France

parisWhat would a honeymoon list be without including Paris. A city famed for it’s romance, style and culture. From wandering the 19th century streets, drinking champagne up the Eiffel Tower, exploring the gothic Notre-dame Cathedral by bike or just getting your art fix from the Louvre, this beautiful city will tickle any city lovers fancy.

For the culture buffs: Venice, Italy

veniceVenice is an Italian city built upon 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. For me, this is one of the most unique and beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. Venice has a very diverse architectural style, ranging from Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. For an incredible cultural experience I recommend going during the Carnival of Venice, a carnival that is world-famed for it’s elaborate masks.

Where are some of your favourite romantic destinations?

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3 thoughts on “5 Honeymoon Destinations To Suit Your Personality.

  1. I live about an hour drive away from Banff and when I see pictures like the one in your blog post, I’m always reminded about how often we take for granted how close we live to the beautiful mountains. All of the other places on your list are on my bucket list though!


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