Makeup Brushes I Couldn’t Live Without.


Back when I was younger and was first discovering makeup, I had no idea that the brushes I used would hold such an importance in my makeup routine. I honestly look back on the time I’d apply my whole face without a single brush and I have no idea how I ever managed. While some brushes I feel are more of an addition luxury, there’s just some of those brushes I could never live without. So I thought I’d share some of my favourites.

beauty blender

Beauty Blender
I was always a bit torn over the idea of a beauty blender. In my mind it was just an overpriced sponge but beauty guru’s from far and wide were constantly raving about it. So when I spotted this makeup sponge at TK Maxx for half the price I finally caved and decided to try out this well loved product. As soon as I used it I was sold! The sponge itself is really soft and when wet blends foundation and cream products like a dream. If you’re considering trying one I’d definitely recommend you doing so! You won’t regret it.

real techniques duluxe crease brush

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush
When I picked up the real techniques set of eye brushes, this brush was honestly the one I was least excited about. However, it is now my all time favourite and most used real techniques brush! I love the size and density of this brush as it allows you to use it in so many different ways. I love using this to blend shadows above the crease, blend concealer under my eyes or pack it on any blemishes as well as to blend out detailed contouring, such as around the nose.

ELF Blush Brush

ELF Blush Brush
I picked up this ELF blush brush as part of a set and this is hands down my favourite ELF brush. As the name suggests it’s ideal for applying blush as it fits perfectly on the apple of the cheek as well dusting highlighter on the high points of the face. However, my favourite use for this brush is to set my under eye area. It’s the perfect size and density to get under the eye effectively and quickly.

fluffy blending brush

Large Fluffy Brush
Honestly I don’t know how I ever got by without this brush. I picked this brush up from Sally’s for a couple of pounds and it is insanely good at blending powders out. It’s really soft and fluffy which makes it perfects for transition shades or blending out detailed contour like the nose.

mica bella beauty angled liner brush

MICA Beauty Angled Liner Brush
I was always terrified of ever attempting anything remotely close to a winged liner. That was until I had a far too expensive shopping spree in Amsterdam and picked up this angled brush in MICA Beauty. The tip of this brush is so thin that it makes it so easy to create a thin crisp clean line perfect to create a killer wing! I also love this brush for any detailed work such as drawing in tiny hairs to create a naturally fuller brow.

What are some of your favourite makeup brushes?

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