How To Make Your Hair Extensions Look As Natural As Possible

When you wear hair extensions, you don’t want anybody to know that you’re wearing extensions. That defeats the entire object! You want your extensions to blend with your own hair and look as natural as possible. Here are some of my favourite tips to help them look more natural:

Clip Up Any Shorter Layers
If your hair is quite a bit shorter than your extensions, you should clip up your shorter layers before clipping them in. Make sure your clips are secure, and then put your hair extensions over the top. This will stop you from getting that annoying flicky bit that so many girls get when their own hair is shorter!

Curl Your Hair
A curly or wavy style makes extensions look more natural as it blends everything in better. With straight hair, you can sometimes see steps and layers, making it obvious.

Buy High Quality Extensions
Higher quality extensions always look better than cheap extensions. It’s worth splashing out a little to get a good quality extension that will look better and last longer. When you buy cheap hair extensions, they are usually thin and will wear out easily. Malaysian hair is one of the best types of hair to go for.

Get the Right Length and Thickness
You should get the right length and thickness for your hair. If your own hair is thick, make sure you get thick extensions to match. If you have a bob, getting extra long extensions probably isn’t a great idea. Be sensible when choosing your hair extensions!

hair extension


Have Them Professionally Matched
If your hair extensions don’t match your own hair, it’ll be a dead giveaway. In some cases you can get away with using a slightly different shade as a highlight/lowlight, but you need to be careful. It’s always best to get a professional’s opinion. Either buy the extensions and then have your hair matched to them, or ask for advice on colour after having your hair done.

Keep Them in Good Condition
Keep your hair extensions in good condition to stop them from becoming frazzled and thin. Use hair oil, hair treatments, and heat spray on them. Just be sparing with them, as you can weigh them down with products.

Have Them Cut
If you want your hair extensions to blend perfectly, you should have them cut by a pro. You can have them layered into your own hair, or have a few inches chopped off so they don’t look so long. After a while, if the edges become frazzled, have them cut off providing it won’t make them too short for you. Just don’t try to do it yourself as you might make them choppy and uneven.

Use these tips and your hair extensions will look like your own hair! People will be amazed if you choose to tell them that your hair isn’t real! It may take some practice and few YouTube tutorials, but you’ll have your hair looking exactly as you want it in no time.

What are some of your favourite tricks for hair extensions?

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