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Makeup Academy Pro-Base Fixing Mist Review


I’ve mentioned a fair bit about MUA on both here and on my YouTube channel and today I have another cheeky review heading you way! For those of you that haven’t heard of the brand Makeup Academy or MUA, it’s an extremely affordable drugstore brand that really deliver amazing quality for the price. Today I’m going to be talking about the Pro-Base Fixing Mist.

The Pro-Base Fixing Mist “fixes your makeup in place all day long. Protects against heat, humidity, cold and windy conditions; whatever the day throws at you – your makeup will hold in place.”

I’ve been using this for a while and was generally pleased with it but didn’t feel blown away by the results which was why a product review hasn’t come sooner. It comes in a spray bottle, which provides an even micro-fine mist and was moisturizing and hydrating when on the skin. However, you do need to spray at arms length and let all the product dry before touching your face or you do risk smudging. This product is great for a little extra hydration boost through the day, as well doing exactly as it says on the bottle by providing up to 8 hour fixing power.

So what’s changed? Ah, I’m glad you asked! I’ve discovered the wonderful power of using glycerin with powders to intensify them and give off a metallic shine. And what does this product contain. Yup, you guessed it. Glycerin! Just one spray of this on your brush and your eye shadow becomes more pigmented and beautiful than before. While this may be not be a new discovery to you as people have been doing this using MAC’s Fix+ for as long as YouTube Beauty Guru’s have existed, this product is…wait for it….£4! Yes, that’s right, just £4!

If you have a couple of pounds spare I’d really recommend you trying this one out. Even if you purchased it to only use with eye shadows to make them more pigmented, I’d 100% say it’s worth it.

Have you guys tried any fixing bases? What do you think of them?

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Academy Pro-Base Fixing Mist Review

  1. I think I might have to grab some of this next time I am in town. I used the Mac one recently at a friends house and it is great but if there is a cheaper alternative just as good then I need to get my hands on it!


  2. I’ve heard mystical things about the MAC Fix+ and want to give something like it a go… will keep this in mind! Great review hun ❤


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