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My Current Go To Lip Combo

lip comboThanks to Kylie Jenner, big, overdrawn lips are the ‘it’ thing at the moment and as result plastered all over social media. And let me tell you, I’m not afraid to admit I’m all for this beauty craze. Being a red lip lover, for me to join in with this craze I had to hit the shops to hunt for the perfect dark nude lip combination. And I finally found it.

To overdraw my lip line I have been loving using Rimmel Eastend Snob lip liner. What I loved about this lip liner is that it is retractable. It’s no secret that I have a complete inability to sharpen a pencil without it all snapping off, so as a result I always jump at the chance to buy a windup pencil. Another thing that really impressed me about this pencil was that the plastic part the actual lip liner comes out of is angled, making it super easy to always have a sharpe edge to the liner.

To pair up with this lip liner, I’m currently using I heart makeup Lip Lava in the shade Tremor. I heart makeup is drugstore brand that replicates higher end products at an affordable price. This Lip Lava has a very similar packaging to the TooFaced Melted Liquid Lipsticks. The Lip Lava is super moisturising and non-sticky with virtually no scent whatsoever. Unlike many popular liquid lipsticks it doesn’t dry to a matte finish and as a result doesn’t last as long but with the lip liner underneath it does stay put for a good few hours and for £2.99, you’ll hear no complaints from me!

Do you guys have any favourite lip combinations at the moment?

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