Sebamed Clear Skin Care Gel Review


Last week I posted about Everyday Skincare Products and I explained a bit about why serums should be a key part of your skincare routine. So if you missed it you can head over there to find out exactly why you should be using a serum and the possible benefits it could provide for you. I briefly spoke about this product then but decided it should also have a post of it’s own because I’m a pretty big fan!

This Clear Skin Care Gel claims to be ‘a moisturising gel against pimples, blackheads and blemishes with a PH Value of 5.5. It’s suitable for all acne prone skin types, specifically oily skin and is recommended for treating skin concerns such as rosacea and dermatitis.”

I’m surpisingly a big fan of this product. I was skeptical at first due to the sheer amount of products claiming to help with redness and acne but just fail miserably. As someone with super oily but dehydrated skin, I find it difficult to find products that will help reduce oil production and dry out my blemishes without drying out my entire face with it. However, I found this one adds in the perfect amount of moisture, all while still being lightweight enough to fix any oily faced concerns I had.

The gel is really lightweight, soaks into the skin almost immediately and doesn’t leave you feeling all sticky and greasy. The product comes out a translucent gel with absolutely no scent whatsoever and feels quite cooling and refreshing when applied to the skin.

I suffer with a little bit of rosacea, which is when you have a persistant redness to your face that resembles blushing or sunburn that doesn’t go away. So I was really excited when I read that this product was recommended in treating rosacea. While the redness on my face hasn’t gone entirely, I have noticed a significant decrease in the redness on my cheeks since using this product.

The Clear Skin Care Gel can be purchased from Pasante for only £5.55! I’d 100% recommend everyone trying this product out especially if you are someone who suffers with acne or rosacea, as it’s worked really well for me. It’s so affordable with the only downfall being you have to order it online. But that’s a small price to pay for acne free skin!

Have any of you tried any great acne products recently? What are they?

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