5 Accessories I Can’t Live Without

Does anyone else have weirdly strong emotional connections to their accessories? I do. Once I find a necklace or bag or hat I love, I stay perfectly loyal to that one item until the end of it’s days. So Today I thought I’d share with you some of the accessories I can’t live without.

Gold Chain

gold chain
Being a chronic wearer of black clothing, pretty much every outfit I own pairs up perfectly with Gold. As a result I spent months looking for the perfect gold chain. Some were too thin, some were too long and quite frankly I ended up resembling Del Boy Trotter. Eventually I found this one in H&M for a great price. It’s the perfect length and can be worn with high or low cut tops. Plus, it’s just heavy enough to feel more expensive than it actually was but not heavy enough to leave my dragging my head along the ground.


Being blind as a bat, I wear contact lenses more days due to convenience but some days I love being able to style an outfit with a pair of glasses. Sometimes you just need that extra touch. These glasses are by OSIRIS and are super light but super sturdy. The only annoyance being that because many people wear large “geek” glasses as fashion statements, I’m constantly being questioned if they’re real or not!

Statement Clutch

As I previously mentioned, I’m a chronic wearer of black clothing and sometimes I just need a pop of colour to keep me from looking like Morticia Adams. This River Island statement clutch fits the bill perfectly. I’m currently obsessed with fluro/black colour combo and love how striking this bag can be paired with an all black outfit. Plus this clutch is more on the large side meaning you don’t have to compromise on the 5 identical lipsticks we all have floating around the bottom of our handbags.

Midi Rings

nail of the day 2
I don’t know what it is about midi rings but for some reason I feel like the instantly make any ensemble appear more glamorous and put together. I purchased these midi rings a while back from New Look and I’ve worn them constantly since. They are so simple yet so elegant and again can be paired with so many looks and styles. Like my nail polish? You can read all about it here.

Gold Watch

I love styling an outfit with a nice watch to add that element of sophistication to the look. I’m obsessed with this gold watch from Miss Selfridge which cost only £20! Again being gold it pairs up nicely with pretty much all of my outfits and is the perfect mix of both functional and stylish.

Do you guys have any accessories you can’t live without?

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4 thoughts on “5 Accessories I Can’t Live Without

  1. I understand you with glasses (mine are bright red and I wear them almost constantly). Love the triangle face for the watch – it looks so unique and sophisticated!


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