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Why you should NEVER sleep in your makeup!

Recently in one of my late night ‘sucked into a black hole’ internet sessions, I stumbled upon this image of a woman who doesn’t remove her makeup for an entire month to find out the effects it will have on her skin. 

Now I’m sure we’re all aware that it is a bad idea to sleep in your makeup but what is it actually doing to our skin in both the short and long term? I decided to investigate the damage sleeping in our makeup has on our skin and here is what I found!

Blocking Pores
Leaving makeup on can blog your pores, trapping oil inside. This leads to bacteria build up, acne and enlarged pores.

Blemishes and Blackheads
During the day environmental pollutants cling to your foundation and when you don’t wash your face all that dirt and grime settles into the skin causing blackheads and blemishes.

Prevents Skin Renewal
At night the skins most important job is to renew itself. Wearing makeup prevents this causing the skin to dry out leading to wrinkles and premature aging, as well as an uneven complexion and redness.

Eye Infections
Wearing eye shadow and mascara to bed can cause particles to get into your eye and clog the follicules potentially leading to swelling and infections, such as styes and conjunctivitis.

Losing Eyelashes
The longer mascara is left on for, the drier the formula becomes. Not only does this weaken the eyelashes causing them to become brittle but it also means the dried up mascara will fall off in clumps taking your beloved eyelashes with it!

Dry, Cracked Lips
Leaving lipstick, especially matte lipsticks cause your lips to dry out and crack. Not only is this painful and makes applying lipstick the following day difficult but it can also cause infections such as cold-sores or ulcers.

Now we all have those lazy evening when we’re in bed half asleep and we suddenly remember we have our makeup still on. We’ve all been there and decided to just stay in bed anyway. I always like to keep a pack of makeup wipes to quickly scrub away my makeup without having to get out of bed. But if I can, I like to remove my makeup as soon as I get home for the night. You know how women like to take off their bra as soon as they get home… try and get into the routine of removing your makeup as well.

What do you guys like to do to make sure you remove your makeup at night?

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