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Skin Types Explained!

summer deals!These days, we can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by the extensive amount of skincare products available to us. There’s some sort of lotion or potion available for any skin concern or complaint we may have. But how do we know what’s right for us and our skin? Since working as a Makeup Artist, I’ve discovered the biggest confusion clients have is about what skin type they have, which means finding products to suit their skin type like finding a needle in a hay stack. So today I thought I’d help out a bit by explaining some of the key characteristics of each skin type and even created a handy dandy quiz at the end to help you figure out your skin type.  Continue reading “Skin Types Explained!”

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Why you should NEVER sleep in your makeup!

Recently in one of my late night ‘sucked into a black hole’ internet sessions, I stumbled upon this image of a woman who doesn’t remove her makeup for an entire month to find out the effects it will have on her skin. 

Now I’m sure we’re all aware that it is a bad idea to sleep in your makeup but what is it actually doing to our skin in both the short and long term? I decided to investigate the damage sleeping in our makeup has on our skin and here is what I found!

Blocking Pores
Leaving makeup on can blog your pores, trapping oil inside. This leads to bacteria build up, acne and enlarged pores. Continue reading “Why you should NEVER sleep in your makeup!”