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A few of my favourite things: Etsy edition!

So I’ll be the first to admit I’m addicted to Etsy. Not even necessarily purchasing but just browsing is more than enough to satisfy my craving for all these beautiful vintage and handmade goodies! So today I thought I’d share some of the things currently on my Etsy wishlist!

The Pillow Co. 

Grey and Yellow Pillows – £23.31
As soon as I saw these pillows I was instantly in love. I’m currently so obsessed with grey and yellow home decor and these would look amazing in a light bright living room!



Freak Show pendant – £5.61
I love vintage freak show/circus themed things, so obviously I had to add this to the list! I think this would look so cute paired up with a baggy black vest and some leather look leggings!

freak show necklace


Skull Shirt – £10.55
I love that this shirt is Unisex. I love the skull on the front and this is my favourite style of top at the moment. It’s so big and baggy and could easily be dressed up or dressed down.

skull tshirt


Floral Deer Wooden iPhone case – £16.03
While £16 is more than I’d ever like to pay for a phone case I just think this is too cute to pass up. I love deer. I love flower. I love wood finish. So when all put together into a phone case I’m hands down obsessed!

wood cae


Geometric iPad clutch- £23.08
I love this iPad clutch. While I have a case for my tablet sometimes it’s nice to give it a little extra protection when carrying it in my bag. This would be so perfect. The geometric print is gorgeous and it doesn’t look too big so it won’t add too much extra bulk to your bag.

ipad case


2015 Calender – £20.44
If you’re a planner junkie like myself you’ll probably be pretty familiar with the Plum Paper Planner.If not, let me introduce you. I love how versatile and different the layout is! Definitely a must have if you’re in need of some organizing.



Fox on a bike rug – £16.49
I really don’t have much to say about this rug. I just love it! It’s a fox on a bike!! What’s not to love!!!

fox on a bike rug

What are some things you’re loving on Etsy recently? Share some links down below!!

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7 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things: Etsy edition!

  1. Oh wow, those are all so beautiful!
    I really love Etsy – if I could, I’d buy everything!

    The planner is my favourite out of the bunch, I think. 😀

    Lovely post!



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