9 Things You Should Do For ‘Me’ Time… time.. That mystical time we all crave but rarely get a chance to actually experience. I think the biggest mistake people make is ‘me’ time needs to involved being curled up on the sofa, or relaxing in the bath. And I’m going to tell you that you can still have all the benefits of that while still being productive. Here’s how..

Car feet

Drive it out…
Now this may not be everyones idea of relaxing but hear me out. When I’m stressed out I love just getting in my car and driving with no real destination in mind. You can blast whatever music you want, sing along shamelessly or just talk to yourself like a crazy person. I see my car like my own little bubble, you can say what you want, sing what you want, listen to what you want and no one on the outside has any idea.

Hang out by yourself…
You know that thing you’ve been wanting to do for ages but your partner/sibling/friend/parents won’t do it with you? Well, now’s your chance. Sometimes doing what you want to do by yourself allows you to fully enjoy the experience the way you want to experience it. Think about it.. do you really want to drag your boyfriend to that 3 hour ballet performance if he’s only going to complain through the whole thing? I think not. So, dust the cobwebs off your bucket list, see that band, watch that show or visit that museum. You can thank me later…

Get pen to paper…
So you’ve probably heard the advice that when you have a lot going on in your head, it helps to write it all down on paper. And I have to agree. Taking all the thoughts swirling around your heading, putting it on paper in front on you can sometimes help you relax, work towards a solution or create a plan of action. However, I don’t think it has to be all about thoughts. Some times just taking a notebook and doodling away can be just as theraputic. I’ve filled numerous notebooks with drawings on cubes, flowers and spirals…and I regret none of it!!

Take a class…
Always wanted to know how to make pottery, learn spanish, develop your singing abilities? Well, you can do all of that and still be getting your weekly fill of quality ‘me’ time. As I mentioned before you can have just as effective me time being productive as you can not. It’s never too late to dedicate a few hours a week to learning about something you enjoy or are passionate about. Plus you could gain a qualification for it. Bonus!

picture an hourHave that lie in….
I can’t be the only person who dreads setting an alarm at night. I just hate waking up in a panic to the sound of clanging and frantically finding the snooze button with half open eyes. I’ve recently purchased a FitBit and set the silent alarm at night. Waking up to a little vibration on your wrist is an infinitely better way to start that day than a regular alarm. If i have somewhere to be in the morning, I set my alarm a little earlier than I need to get up and just lie there for 5 or 10 minutes. I slowly (and silently!) let myself wake up and soak up the warmth and comfort my bed offers. First thing in the morning, it’s all pretty silent except the birds ouside.. Definitely my favourite time of day!

Make your to do list fun…
While we can’t all be Mary Poppins and click our fingers to tidy up, there are little ways to make your everyday tasks just that little bit more fun. Need to do a food shop? Go to a local market to buy your fruits and veggies. Take your time to browse, maybe treat yourself with something from the stalls and take in the atmosphere of buying local. No markets near you? Head to your favourite supermarket.. you know, that one that’s realistically too expensive to shop at often? (Hey M&S, I’m looking at you!) Can’t afford much? Treat yourself to a few luxuries then buy your food staples somewhere a bit cheaper. Whatever you need to do to make it fun, do it!

Get Pampered…
Well, here’s the obvious one. Need some me time? Take a bath, get a massage, paint your nails. Whatever it is that makes you put your rose tinted glasses on, do it. Sometimes even just taking a bit of extra time to wash your hair, exfoliate your body or complete a skin care routine can massively help your mood and relax you a whole load. I love taking half an hour in before bed to wash my face, brush my teeth and do my skincare routine. It’s a time I set aside to pamper myself and lets my body know I’m ready to hit the hay.

Spend a day away from tech..
Or just a few hours if you’re a total addict. Checking our texts, emails or twitter feed every 5 minutes can really put a stress on our minds. I like to spend the odd day every now and then with my phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode. It allows me to still recieve messages and notifications but removes any excessive buzzing throughout the day. Taking this time out from technology allows you to focus on you and not what Sally from down the road is having for tea.

Plan it out.. 
I love taking some time out on Sunday to plan the following week. Throughout the week I’ll write little to dos, appointments or things to remember on sticky notes and place them on the day they need to be done on the following week. When it comes to Sunday I take those sticky notes, organize my week to be as productive as possible and write it down properly. I like to take this time using stickers and decorating it to make it look as appealing and funcational for me. Taking time to do this, not only helps clear my mind of any to do’s but also gives me a way to look back at everything I’ve accomplished that week.

What do you all like to do to unwind? Let me know in the comments below!

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