Save or Splurge: Magnitone Lucid Review

MagnitoneEveryone ready for part two of reviews from the blogging event I wrote about a little while ago? Today I’m going to be talking about the Magnitone Lucid I was so kindly given to review. I’ve had real difficulty writing this post as when I recieve a gift as a blogger I really really want to like it and 9 times out of 10 I do! However, this was one of the products I’m not entirely sure about. But I’ll soon get into all of that.

The Magnitone Lucid  I recieved was a limited editon version by Pixie Lott. It’s a small pulsing brush for makeup removal, deep-cleansing and exfoliation which promises softer, clearer and brighter skin in 7 days.

When I first recieved this I had really high hopes as the Magnitone and other similar devices all have amazing reviews online! Before I could try it, the brush needed to be charged up. The brush comes with a wireless charger which connects to the handle of the brush with a magnet. It was fully charged within a couple of hours and lasted absolutely AGES! When I first tried this out I was washing my face at my bathroom sink as I do everyday. I put my normal facial cleanser on the end and switched on the magnitone. Within seconds my bathroom was having face cleanser splattered all over the walls, mirror and myself. It is SO messy! I tried everything I could to prevent this but unfortunately this is definitely only a product that can be used in the shower. Good thing it’s completely waterproof! Magnitone close up The brush has a built in facial cleansing timer, which means it turns off automatically after 1 minute and beeps after 20 seconds, so you know to change to a different area of your face. I really liked the idea of this as I think it would help to prevent missing any areas of your face. However, I found 20 seconds on just one ‘zone’ of my face was a bit too much for my skin, even on the sensitive mode. However, I continued using it for a couple of weeks in the hope of my skin getting used to the brush.

Over time I think my skin did adjust to it but 20 seconds was still too long for me personally. I simply used the brush in the ‘zones’ of my face for as long as I found comfortable and with the extra time took it down my neck. Magnitone does offer the option to buy a sensitive brush head (and various other brush heads) for £15.99, so if you do have sensitive skin I’d definitely recommend looking into them! So the promises for this were after just 7 days your skin would be visably softer, clearer and brighter.

Overall, I’m not sure how much I would agree with it. I don’t think my skin was necessarily brighter and I don’t think my skin was any clearer. Not worse but no obvious improvements either. I will say for it, my skin did feel really soft and made my makeup go on my skin really well!

So would I repurchase?

Probably not. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the product and as I already own it I will continue to use it everyday as I do see some benefits. However, If I didn’t already own it I most likely wouldn’t make the purchase and instead would try looking for a cheaper alternative.

The Magnitone Lucid comes in at £69.99 and I don’t think for me personally I could justify the cost based on the benefits I’ve recieved from it. Saying this, there have been LOADS of positive reviews on the Magnitone Lucid online, so for some people it definitely makes a difference and for them the price may be worth it. Just because it didn’t really work for me, doesn’t mean it may not work for you! If you are interested in purchasing one, I’d definitiely recommend reading around at a couple of reviews and trying to find one written by someone with the same skin type as you (I’m oily, by the way!).

So that’s about it! Have any of you tried a Magnitone or facial cleansing brush? What’s your opinion on it? I’d love to know!!

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