Elegant Touch Haul

elegant touch

Not too long ago, I won a competiton with Elegant Touch to get a bunch of their spring/summer nail collection! I was so excited as I love the Elegant Touch brand. I’m not one to have the patience to paint my nails every day but false nails are so simple and don’t chip that they are almost permanantly on my nails! Yay! So here’s what I got!

ET nails 1

First I got 4 pairs of the glue on nails. My absolute favourite pair are Copacabana which are white with pineapples. (Seriously, what is it about pineapples?!?). I also recieved Club Tropicana, which are blue with pink flamingos, Welcome to Miami which have a silhouette of a palm tree and Summer Lovin’ which are pink with green leaves.
ET nails 2

I also recieved 4 pairs of stick on nails. I love these as they’re only short term. When I’m doing someone’s makeup I never like to have any false nails on regardless of length as I just feel its cleaner and more comfortable for the client. Stick on nails allow me to have nice looking nails for an event and then my natural nails back the next day. Perfect!
ET accessories

As well as all that, I also got some nail accessories. These included additional adhesive tabs, professional buffer, professional glass nail file, brush on nail glue and cuticle pusher.

I officially have no excuse to not have fabulous looking nails now! Have any of you tried Elegant Touch before? Or what’s your favourite nail colours for summer?

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