Weekly Must Have: Multi-Purpose Balm

Lip G

So, when I wrote about about the blogger event I attended a little while ago, I mentioned I would do a review on all the wonderful gifts the brands kindly gave me to review. And here’s the first! One of the lovely brands at this event was LipGlam  and they were advertising their Natural Lanolin Lip Balm;

A multi-purpose moisturizer that claims to provide 8 hour moisture and restore skins natural barrier.

lip glam 2

So I’ve been trying this out for a while now and I’m loving it. The main use of this product for me is as a lip balm which I apply morning and evening as part of my skin care routine. It comes out as a thick yellow tinged balm which you can warm up between your fingers until it becomes a thinner clear balm, a texture not too dissimilar to Vaseline. It does a wonderful job of hydrating the lips, while having no taste, scent or stickiness. (Very important if I’m to leave it on my lips for 8 hours!)

Dry Areas:
Not only can this wonderful balm be used on the lips, it can also be applied to any dry areas on the body! I use this regularly on my cuticles. I squeeze some balm from the tube for my lips and whatever I have left over I massage into my cuticles. I’ve never really thought too much about my cuticles, but now I’ve started using this on them regularly I realized how dehydrated the actually were. You don’t have to limit this to your cuticles though, just rub a small amount on your elbows, knees or any other dry area of your body that needs a little bit of TLC.

I recently read on the world wide web that Beyonce uses all-purpose balm on her eyelashes before curling! And well, what’s good enough for Queen B must be good enough for me too! I tried this out and am now obsessed! It holds the curl so much better and I swear my eyelashes look longer!

Image from
Image from charlottetilbury.comL

Now this next way I use this product may not be for everyone, but I’m obsessed with editorial looks. In particular, the glossy lids! I love experimenting and going outside my comfort zone with makeup, even if it means never actually leaving the house! And boy have I been experimenting with glossy lids. I first apply a cream eyeshadow base to minimise the creasing you’re inevitably going to get with glossy lids, my choice of shadow and then the lip balm! As the balm is quite thick, I like to keep this in a cup of hot water for a couple of minutes before use to soften it up as much as possible. Once it’s nice and soft you can just carefully apply it with a brush!

There’s just so many ways to use this product and I’ve only touched on a few but I’m officially sold! Head over to their website where they give you more ideas on how to use the lip balm, including on split ends and eyebrows. The Natural Lanolin Lip Balm costs £9.99, which is normally way more than I’d ever pay for a regular lip balm but as I do use this for such a wide varierty of things, I think I’ll definitely be repurchasing this product once I’m done.

Have you ever tried a multi-purpose lip balm? What ways have you experimented with it? Let me know in the comments below!!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Must Have: Multi-Purpose Balm

  1. Awesome!! I’ve been obsessed with the look of glossy lids lately. I haven’t personally tried it out myself yet, but I definitely wanna give it a go! Glossy lids look so beautiful! 🙂 thanks for sharing


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