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Timeless Truth Deep Sea Water Extract Face Mask Review

So recently, the lovely Angela from Timeless Truth sent me their Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask to try out and review! Timeless Truth currently have two types of masks; Fusion and Luxury. The Fusion masks contain a freeze dried powder within the mask and is then soaked in the serum. The powder is released into the skin when applied to the face and the serum is then left to soak into the skin. Each mask from this range is £4.90. The luxury range differs by the quality of the materials they use to make the mask such as bio-cellulose, elastic cotton and silk fibres. These range from £6.50 to £8.90.

Face mask 1

The mask I was sent was the Deep Sea Water Extract Moisturizing Mask which is from the Fusion range. It claims ‘the blue colour in the mask is Deep Sea Water Extract which produces an excellent moisturizing effect. It also helps protect and reduce a dull and uneven complexion. The aqueous, light texture is immediately absorbed by the skin to dramatically increase moisture especially in areas where the skin needs it most. The skin is left hydrated, luminous and glowing.’

Face mask 2


My mask came in a foil package with a tear away top. It is a simple white sachet with silver detailing. Each type of face mask is a different colour, which I think is a nice touch if you have multiple masks, as you can use this as a quick reference. The back of the package has loads information on the product, ingredients list, directions and cautions. It’s really easy to read and understand, so you don’t need to search for any additional information.

Before Use

The first time using this product I didn’t store in the fridge but noticed there was still a cool feeling to the sachet. So I had high hopes for it to be soothing and refreshing. The product contains extra serum in the package, so you can either reuse the mask or use the extra serum on other areas of the body. I decided to reuse the mask. So once I was finished I kept in the fridge and used again the next day. The masks can either be used warm or cold. By placing the closed sachet in warm water before use will provide a more pampering and relaxing experience or by keeping the sachet in the fridge before use will have a more refreshing effect. Before applying, I cleansed my face using my Biore cleanser; a tried and tested favourite of mine. I wanted to use facial products I was really familiar with so I could fully understand the benefits of this mask.

facemask 3


At first I was a little skeptical about there being enough serum in the sachet for multiple uses but I was really surprised by how much was actually in this sachet. On removing the mask I could see it was soaked and I mean SOAKED in serum, so I decided to scrape some off the mask to allow for as many uses as possible. The masks are circular with little holes cut out for your nose, eyes and mouth, so don’t worry fellow tea addicts.. you can keep sipping while wearing this mask. It comes with a plastic film and a darker checked pattern over one side so you know which side you are meant to apply to your face. I found it really easy to apply. It fitted onto the face really well and suprisingly stuck well too. I carried on with little tasks around the house while this was on and didn’t find it unsticking or sliding off my face.. so a big thumbs up from me! However, due to the amount of product on the mask I did find some of the serum would drip down my neck. So I’d recommend wearing a dressing gown or PJ’s when applying. Once on the face it was lovely and cooling, even though I didn’t store it in the fridge before use, so I imagine this would be AMAZING straight out of the fridge.

face mas 4
I thought thumbs up would make me look less creepy…Did it work?


After leaving it on for 20 minutes (15-20 mins recommended) taking off the mask was really easy. As I planned to reuse it I folded it up and stored it back in the sachet. The directions recommend massaging any serum still on your face into the skin. I personally didn’t find I needed to do this much as it all sunk into the skin really quickly.

massagge product in


My skin felt really hydrated and plumped up. I wouldn’t say my skin was luminous and glowing but definitely worked wonders in hydrating all the stubbornly dry areas on my face! But here’s a picture straight after applying.


Overall, I’m so happy with this product. I’ll definitely be picking up some more. Although I think £4.90 is a bit steep for one face mask, you do get multiple uses out of it, which I think balances out the price a lot.

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