March Soundtrack

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Umm..can we all just take a moment and ponder over where 2015 is disappearing to?!? It’s April already and it honestly feels like New Year happened last week! Whoa!

Here’s some of the songs I’ve been absolutely loving this month!

MisterWive – Our Own House

So, this is a song I stumbled across when I was listening to a random playlist on Spotify. I immediately saved it and have had it on repeat constantly! The song is just so catchy and suits so many moods! Definitely one I’ll be playing throughout April aswell!

Hanson – MMMBOP

Ok, this song is my complete weakness! Since it was released in 1996, this has been MY JAM! Always has been..Always will be! I’m obsessed! Enough said…HAHA!

Circa Waves – Love Me Like You Do cover

Circa Waves recently covered Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do in the Radio 1 Live Lounge and although it may not be for everyone I personally really love it! There’s something about bands going out of their comfort zone, performing a completely different genre of music and absolutely KILLING it that just melts my heart! Hats off to you Circa Waves!

Bebe Rexha – I’m Going To Show You Crazy

Bebe Rexha is an artist I’ve only just discovered and I’m so in love with her voice! She’s honestly incredible and I’m shocked she’s not a lot bigger than she is! Just have a listen! You’re so welcome! 😉

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