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On my nails…

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Today I thought I’d whip up a quick little post on my favourite colour combo for my nails at the moment. I’m loving nude nails and due to the weather changing, and as a result the shade of my wardrobe changing I need a colour that will go with whatever outfit I’m feeling that particular day.

The New Cid i-polish in Tiramisu does that job perfectly. It’s a light purple-brown shade and is just a little darker than my natural nails. In my opinion, shades like this are perfect for day to day. It’s a little more done up than a clear gloss but still looks clean and professional.

To help ‘jazz’ the look up a bit, I love using Max Factor Glossfinity in Angel Nails just on my ring finger. Angel Nails is a really fine shimmery silver polish which compliments Tiramisu beautifully. I love adding a statement nail when I have a nude nail polish on. I just feel it makes the look more stylish and put together.

What are you loving on your nails right now?

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